Sunday, May 25, 2008

Categories of Blogs

It's really a big task to have a blog on India. There are innumerable topics that anyone can think of. Discussions will lead to just more confusion because any topic would be worth a category. After several introspections, I've finally come up with the following cartegories under which I'll publish my blogs.

Art & Culture
  • Books, Movies, Music: This category is the closest to my heart. I feel the true identify of any country or race lies in her culture. Indian boasts of one of the oldest and deepest cultures of the world. It's not a simple thing to capture the various naunces of Indian culture in a particular blog or book. Much has been written and would be written about Indian Culture. Here I'll try to present my observations, comments & ideologies about books, movies and music of India in diffferent languages.

Religion & Festivals: This is something which might be unique to India, which is often designated in the west as the land of religions and festivals. Indeed India has some of the most fascinating socio-cultural-religious festivals in the world. Religion is a big thing in India and is worth a special topic.

Leisure & Passion

  • Travel, Entertainment: Travel is one of the best forms of leisure to me. Perhaps India offers the maximum diversity to any traveller. From the magnificient Himalayas to the evergreen & deciduous forests, extensive coastline, deserts, backwaters, lagoons & lakes, lush green hillocks, historical places, temples & palaces of varied styles of architecture, exotic folk dances, hugely diversified cuisine - India offers everything on the platter. To me travelling in India is one of the most enriching things in life. Travel is not only a passion for me, but also can provide lot of fun and entertainment.

Past & Present

  • History, Current Affairs: History is the best teacher. That's why it's a very important part of any country or race. History and culture are interwined to each other. It's the only thing that leads us to understand a country and her people. At the same time everyone should be also aware of the current affairs. Progressing and prospering in the present, but retaining the age-old traditions & cultures is something that everyone should do. Disregarding or forgetting the past never leads anywhere.

Foundations of Growth

  • Technology, Infrastructure, Health, Education: I consider these four things as the only foundations of growth. There's nothing else that is responsible for the prosperity of any country. Technology & Infrastructures build the nation and Health & Education build the people. Food & shelters, power etc, anything else that you can think about, are non-issue once these four pillars are strong.

People & Prosperity

  • People, Politics, Economy: This is a very important category. People and politics are inseparable things. Also the economy of the country is nothing but the prosperity of her people. So I've clubbed people, politics & economy under one head.

General: This will deal with statistics, facts and figures etc.

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