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Selected Verses from Rig Veda (The 10 books arranged chronologically)

RV BookHymnVerseDescriptionTopicHistorical Reference
620 Indra kills Dhuni, Chumuri. Indra - fighting non IAConflict
626 Indra kills Tugra and Vetasu and makes Tuji strong. He kills the hundred thousand fighting people, kills Shambar on the mountainsIndra - fighting non IAConflict
626 To please Dabhiti Indra kills Chumuri, kills 60000 enemiesIndra - fighting non IAConflict
626 Indra helps Dashadyu, brought the lofty chariot (rishva ratha) [reminiscent of Krishna being Arjuna's charioteer]Indra - helping Aryan King
627 To aid Abhyavartin (son of Cayamana, a descendent of Prithu) Indra dismissed the front part (purva) of the troop and the rear part (apara) fled away in fear. Abhyavartin is a liberal and highly honoured emperor (maghava mahyam samrat) who gives bountiful gifts to priestsIndra - helping Aryan King
419 Indra breaks the mountains and the frees the obstructed rivers. The rivers run like mothers running towards their children. [It's similar to killing Vala and releasing the cow & of breaking the dams (of the Indus people ??) and releasing the river]Indra - Vala MythBMAC, Indus Valley
430 Indra kills Kulitara's son Shambara on lofty mountains. He crushed 100,000 Varcins, like the felly (pradhi) of the wheel of a chariotAryan - non Aryan conflictConflicts, Munda contact
430 Arna, Citraratha, both Arya people killed by Indra on the other side of SarayuIndra - fighting AryansConflicts
43810Dadhikra (horse) spreads himself over the Five Peoples as Sun lightens the waterPancha Krishti - The Five Peoples of RVNames of tribes
211 Indra breaks the mountain like clouds (parvata) and releases the captivated water (ghrita)Indra - Vala MythBMAC, Indus Valley
211 Indra kills Vala, Vritra & dragon Ahi, who captivate the waters, and allows the waters to swell and flowIndra - Vala MythBMAC, Indus Valley
212 Shambara (Munda) is discovered on the 40th autumn in his mountain hideouts. [Implicates fightings in mountains, most likely the Hindukush]Indra - fighting non IAConflict, Munda contact
212 Indra frees the dragon and released the seven rivers. [Similar to releasing the cow from Vala's cave (apadha)]Indra - Vala MythBMAC, Indus Valley
214 Indra subdues Kutsa, Atithigva & Ayu [Not all non-Aryan Kings]Indra - fighting AryansConflicts
214 Indra destroys Shambara's 100 ancient or distant (purvi) castles (pura) with his thunderbold (ashman)Indra - fighting non-IAConflicts
214 Indra killed Dhribhika, Urana, Arbuda, Shushna, Pipru, Namuci, Rudhikra. [Pipru may be IA, but the rest names seem to be non-IA]Indra - fighting non-IAConflicts
215 Indra drinks from trikadru. [kadru (brown Soma vessel) is a BMAC substrate in Indo-Iranian languages]Central Asia connectionBMAC
553 Mention of the rivers Rasa, Anitabha, Sarayu (Harirud), Kubha (Kabul), Krumu (Kurram), Sindhu (Indus)Rivers - western tributaries of IndusRivers
353 Kushika (probably Munda) among Aryan offerersAryan - non Aryan amalgamationMunda contact
353 What is the use of cattle in Kikata? They don't pour ashira (mixture of milk and soma), they don't heat vessels (gharma) for preparing soma. Let Indra bring the wealth of Pramaganda, King of Kikata. [Kikata and Pramaganda both Munda names]Aryan - non Aryan conflictConflict, Munda contact
728Mention of Ila/Ira, Bharati & Saraswati. [Ira may refer to Iran, Bharati to India and Saraswati with 'her kindered Rivers' - Punjab]RV GoddessRV-Avesta connection
718 Battle of Ten Kings. [Aryan fighting against confederation of Aryan & non Aryan people]Battle of Ten KingsConflicts between Aryan tribes
719 Battle of Ten KingsBattle of Ten KingsConflicts between Aryan tribes
71039Frog Hymn: When the frogs croak at the first rain the hot summer ends, also ends the annual course of sun, visarga. [End of annual course of sun points to the end of a year]AstronomyRV date
8537Kashu (Avestan Kasu) gives 100 camels (ushtra) and 10000 cows to the priestIranian names - offererEast Iranian contact
8646Parshu (Persian Parsa) & Tirindira (Tiridates) give 100000 giftsIranian names - offererEast Iranian contact
8129Like rays of Sun Indra consumes Arshasana (Iranian Ersan)Iranian names - enemyEast Iranian contact
8322The strong (ugra) Indra kills the Dasas Sribinda (Munda), Anarshani (Iranian Ersan), Pipru (Aryan name), Ahishuva and set free the waters. [Iranian, Munda and Aryan peoples seen as enemies]Iranian names - enemyEast Iranian contact
84632Dasa Balbutha and Taruksha (Munda) have made a gift of 100 camels to the sage. [Implies Dasas and Munda peoples are not always enemies - point to amalgamation of various peoples]Dasa names - offererFriendsip with enemies
1115Indra breaks the cave of Vala, rich in cows. [Cave symbolic representation of strongholds of the rich Panis & Dasas (Daha & Parna of Central Asia) and cows symbol of wealth]Indra - Myth of ValaBMAC
13211Indra smites Dasa and opens the caves where cows (rays, floods) were imprisonedIndra - fighting DasasBMAC
13215Indra rules the world, containing all as spokes (ara) within the felly (nemi)Spoked WheelSpoked Wheel
132 Indra kills Vritra, the dragon Ahi. [Ahi personification of glacier, frozen water destroyed by Indra to release the captive water. Releasing waters, freeing cows from Vala's cave are similar symbols]Indra - Myth of Vala/VitraBMAC
1534Indra scatters Dasyus - Dasa peopleIndra - fighting DasasBMAC
1536Indra kills 10000 VritraIndra - fighting VritraBMAC
1537Indra fights NamuchiIndra - fighting non IANon Aryan Contact
1538Indra kills Parnaya, Karanja [Both para Munda names]Indra - fighting non IAMunda contact
16211Thoughts ancient with newest lauds, seeking wealth with adorationUnityAryan Philosophy
18413Dadhyach MythDadhyach MythIE Myth
1103 Indra breaks Sushna, Shambara & Kuyava's forts [All Munda names]Indra - fighting non IAMunda contact
1104 Anjasi, Kulishi & Virapatni delight IndraFemale names
1112 Ashvini helped Karkandhu, Shryata, Vishpala. [All Munda names]Aryan - non Aryan amalgamationMunda contact
1112 Ashvini helped Rebha, Vandana, Antaka, Bhujyu, Vavya, Prishignu, Purukutsa, Shrutarya, Narya, Aushija, Upastuta, Kali, Shayu, Manu, Atri, Krishanu, Subhara, AdhigruIA namesIA names
111615Artifical leg given to Vishpala by Ashvini, the doctor twinsScienceAryan Science & Technology
11307Indra shatters 90 forts of Puru (Aryan) and brought Shambara (non Aryan) from mountainsIndra - fighting Aryans and non AryansAryan Aryan & Aryan non-Aryan conflict
1162 Horse & Horse SacrificeHorseIE trademark
1163 Horse & Horse SacrificeHorseIE trademark
11642The elliptical (trinabhi chakra) wheel on which rest all the worlds of being (vishva bhuvan). [trinabhi chakra may refer to the ecliptic]AstronomyAryan Science & Technology
11643A seven wheeled chariot driven by seven horses. [May refer to the Saptarshi Mandal, the seven stars of the Ursa Major constellation, which made a perfect circle around Thuban, the pole star in 3rd millennium BC]AstronomyAryan Science & Technology
101614Burial, cremation etc.Socio-religious lifeAryan rituals
1082 One' beyond the seven Rishis. [May be the pole star (Thuban) beyond the saptarshi mandal (Ursa Major)]AstronomyAryan Science & Technology
1085 Surya's bridalAstronomy, RitualAryan Science & Technology
10121 Golden Embryo - Hiranyagarbha
10189 Sun is like a powerful bull; it reigns supreme in all the 30 days, dhama or abodes of moon. [Abodes of moon refer to nakshatra]AstronomyAryan Science & Technology
10190 Creation Myth - talks about how the universe was createdScienceAryan Science & Technology
10191 Let's all sit together with the same thought, same resolution, same wish, same mind and pray to the GodUnityAryan Philosophy

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